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ConTech is a community for African creators to connect, grow and discover where their talents fit in today’s tech landscape.

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ConTech's mission is two-pronged:

To build a world where African creators are valued in and out of the continent.

To equip African creators with the resources they need to help them thrive in the tech landscape.


Access to materials to help you excel in your chosen field.


Benefit from annual scholarships for well-reviewed no-code tech courses.

Job Opportunities

Access to job listings, interview tips and CV review services.


Learn from industry leaders through monthly group mentoring sessions.


Grow and connect with other brilliant no-code talents in your field.

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Interviewing for the Tech Job You Want

Last week, we had our first Twitter space conversation for the year where human resource and career experts — Deborah Okechukwu

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Tips for Starting a Successful Career in Tech

A few weeks ago, we had our first-ever ConTech Corner with Daniel Abayomi, Product Designer at Meta and Co-founder of GrowTeq

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Excelling in Tech as a Marketer

A few weeks ago, Peace Obinani, Product Marketing Manager at Piggytech and founder of Non Tech in Tech, spoke to the Contech

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Daniel Orubo, Co-Founder

Since 2014, Daniel has worked across Nigeria's digital media and technology sector. He was the Editor-in-chief of two pop culture publications,Zikoko and Konbini Nigeria, and currently leads the content team at PiggyVest, one of Africa's leading fintechs.

Ope Adedeji, Co-Founder

A thorough editor, Ope has led editorial teams across publishing, digial media and tech. She is the former Managing Editor at Paystack, and is a Miles Morland Scholar. She leads Big Cabal Media's publications, including TechCabal, the most-read African tech publication, as Editorial Director.

What our
members are

“I've finished my course and received my certificate. The course was an absolute blast. I loved every minute of it, and I have already begun implementing what I learned into my work. I am excited to see the positive impact that this knowledge will have on my work. Thank you very much for the opportunity, ConTech.”

Nimi Coker

“The course was a great opportunity as it helped me understand some parts of product design that have seem hard to grasp. Thank you for the scholarship, ConTech, I am grateful.”

Olusegun Enikannaye

“Thank you so much, ConTech, for the scholarship. I'm super excited that I get to apply the knowledge I have gathered so far from the course to my work as a writer.”

Esther Jacqueline

“I just got an upgraded version of my CV, and it's been great being a part of the ConTech community so far. I just must commend you for all you do for the community, and for your high level of engagement. I am looking forward to the other things the team has in store.”

Ugochukwu Nnadi

“I just got my revamped CV from CV Loft courtesy of ConTech Africa, and I am really excited for the future”

Ayonete Icha



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Opemipo Aikomo

Head of Design, Paystack

Ire Aderinokun

COO, Helicarrier

Odunayo Eweniyi

COO, PiggyVest

Daniel Abayomi

Product Designer, Meta


Digital Artist

Timi Ajiboye

CEO, Helicarrier

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